A Life’s Journey

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A Life’s Journey



I have spent my life persevering in seeking to discover the truth, often in the midst of subtle but deep-seated contradictions.  Although born and raised a Catholic, it took me years to dig out of the non-constructive, critical traditionalist mentality of my parents.  After finishing a BA in mathematics at UCLA (1974), I followed my parents into a cult based on a false private apparition at Necedah, Wisconsin (1980-1983).  Only by the grace of God, after about two and a half years in this cultic type environment, I began to see the real situation into which my family and I had fallen into (see http://necedah-cult.blogspot.com and http://priv-rev.blogspot.com).  Although my parents and my sister and her husband, who she met in the cult, left Necedah, Wisconsin, they never overcame the sectarian and elitist, schismatic traditionalist mentality which is most often permeated by Jansenism as well as a strong critical spirit toward the living authority of the Catholic Church.  While I went on to learn and study about the beauty and wisdom of the documents of Vatican II as a religious seminarian (see http://josephdwight.blogspot.com), as well as getting to know the profound spirituality and life of the Focolare Movement, my parents, sister and brother-in-law were reading only extreme traditionalist books like “The Devil’s Final Battle” by Father Paul Kramer which ultimately led my sister and her husband and seven children to loose the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church along with the gifts that the Holy Spirit constantly gives to his bride, the Church.  I wrote an article trying to convince them to come back to the Catholic Church but to no avail (see http://schis-trad.blogspot.com).  I believe in the words of Jesus Christ for each living Pope until the end of time: “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this Rock I will build my Church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it” (Mt 16:18).


The Church on earth, the “Church Militant”, is made up of saints and sinners and everything else in between.  The only “perfect” groups on earth are the cults and the sects!?!?  But if one discovers that one’s cult is not “perfect”, one seeks another “perfect” sect.  If one does not submit to the Church that Jesus Christ founded and to the living “Rock” that Jesus promised to guide until the end of time, to whom does one submit?  To himself?  To the “perfect” group that agrees with him?  To a charismatic leader?  Where is our anchor, our “Rock”?  Did Jesus abandon us and leave us without an infallible guide 500 years ago with the protestant reformation, or 50 years ago with VCII?  The saints tell us very clearly that without humility there is no virtue!  Jesus admonished his disciples: “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy!” (Lk 12:1)


After suffering a lot with groups and people in the Church with the pre-Vatican Triumphalistic, Clericalistic or Juridicalistic attitudes and behavior (see http://trueevangelization.blogspot.com), I finally have been able to forgive these people totally from my heart and thus I have found the peace that only Jesus, “the way, the TRUTH and the life”, can give.  I have slowly come to realize that these humiliations and sufferings and sorrows are masked treasures from a God who loves me immensely (see http://spir-food.blogspot.com).  I try ever more to love Jesus in each person that I encounter in each present moment while praying, especially the Rosary, as much as I can before the Most Blessed Sacrament and reading daily, good spiritual writings.  I have learned from the writings of the saints, including our saints of today, especially Chiara Lubich, that true love is inseparably related to recognizing, embracing and loving Jesus crucified personally in each and every suffering and sorrow; this is the source of TRUE FREEDOM which only God can give. “A Manuscript On Purgatory” (see http://purgatory-manu.blogspot.com) really brings home the reality of how short life is and how long eternity is as well as how much Jesus loves each of us!  We have so little time here on earth to arrive at a greater intensity of love of Jesus who loves each of us immensely even to the point of suffering and dying on the cross for each one of us personally!


The world is in pretty tough shape (http://god-politics.blogspot.com/) but God is always in charge even if He often takes the back seat and allows Satan to have a lot of freedom, in particular in the last hundred years or so.  For many years I have been interested in studying prophesy; recently I translated into English an article in Italian based on a private revelation to Margaret of Jesus entitled “The Microchip is the “Sign” of the Beast of the Book of Revelation” (http://markbeast.blogspot.com).  God likes to crush the pride of the devil using His true and humble followers who trust totally in Him; “Jesus, I trust in you” (St. Faustina)!  “In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph” (Fatima)!  Alleluia!


Rev. Joseph Dwight


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“A Simple, Common Sense Rebuttal to SSPX, SSPV and CMRI”; “Ecclesiology of the Catholic Church”; “The Declaration of Religious Liberty (VCII)”; “A Psychological Analysis of a Cult at Necedah, Wisconsin”; “The Impact and Interpretation of ‘Subsists In’ (Vatican II)” (http://schis-trad.blogspot.com)

“The Hope of the World!”; “Evangelization VS the trinity of Devils in the Church: Triumphalism, Clericalism and Juridicalism” (http://trueevangelization.blogspot.com).

“My Personal Reasons Why I Left the Shrine at Necedah, Wisconsin”; “A Psychological Analysis of a Cult at Necedah, Wisconsin” (http://necedah-cult.blogspot.com).

“Behold Thy Mother – (Motherhood)” (http://true-motherhood.blogspot.com).

“A Manuscript On Purgatory” (http://purgatory-manu.blogspot.com).

“The Holy Catholic Church and Private Revelation” (http://priv-rev.blogspot.com)


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“La Speranza per il Mondo!”; “L’Evangelizzazione in opposizione ai Tre Diavoli nella Chiesa: Trionfalismo, Clericalismo e Giuridicismo” (http://evang-fondam.blogspot.com).

Un Manoscritto Sul Purgatorio” (http://purgatorio-mano.blogspot.com).


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